Pitbull Training Tips – Avoid These 5 Mistakes

16 Feb

Pitbull Training TipsYou cannot underestimate the importance of training in the case of Pitbull dogs. This is because if you happen to have a Pitbull that is untrained or worse, badly trained, it can cause a lot of carnage before you can even bat an eyelid. You could get a bad image or worse, even get embroiled in a lawsuit over the bad behavior. This is exactly why you need to ensure that your dog is trained well, and following are the common mistakes made by people in the training itself.

Mistake 1: Inconsistency.
Consistency is the key here. If you are not consistent then your pet will not turn out to be that good in the training. You must remember that Pitbulls are one hell of a breed when it comes to stubbornness, and you have to surpass them with your own will and determination. The right amount of hard work and consistency will mean that the pitbull will not only be a well trained pet, it will also not misbehave if things go awry. You don’t want your pet to become dangerous, do you?

Mistake 2: Impatience.
You have to steer clear from this word and its implications when you go out to train a pitbull. As mentioned earlier, the pitbull breed is extremely stubborn and if you think that you will be able to teach your dog five or more tricks in a single day, then you are simply dreaming. The fact is that you need to have a lot of patience in order to get your dog to behave. It cannot be done in just one day. You have to get down to your basics first. Generally, splitting the session into three 15 minutes things in a single day does the trick.

Mistake 3: Going against the flow.
Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that it’s you against your dog. It’s never going to work out that way, and will do more harm than good. What you need to understand is that during the training, you are actually building a bond between the animal and you, and if you use the negative aspects of training, it’s not going to help much. On the contrary, your dog will only become resentful of you and this is the last thing that you would expect. The moral of the story is to just let the dog be itself and let it be trained in the gentle persuasive way. It’s the order of the day.

Mistake 4: Having a close mind.
You need to be creative. Of course, you will find that there are a lot of materials out there that teach you the ins and outs of dog training, but it’s absolutely not necessary to follow all of those advices even though they do not apply to you. Use your head and come up with your own ideas that might help you train your dog in a better way. Being inventive always helps.

Mistake 5: Making training a boring thing.
Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that the pitbull training exercise is going to be a non fun exercise. The day you start thinking that, your training will go bonkers and you will either start hating the thing or you will turn up with not only a badly trained dog, but also waste your time in the process. The training part should be fun filled. It should seem to you that you are training your beloved one to be well behaved. Only then will you be able to get the most out of your dog.